Management & Board

Our management team has over 50 years experience in the mineral exploration industry.



Michael Schuss founded the Company in 2006 and has been involved with all aspects of the mineral exploration industry and public exploration companies since 1980. He has worked on projects across North America, Africa, Europe and Asia, across a broad spectrum of metals and minerals, with a current focus on gold exploration in Canada.



Mr. Burns earned his M.Sc. in Economic Geology from Laurentian University. He has been actively involved in the mining and exploration industry since 2007 as a founding partner of the consulting firms Mackevoy Geosciences Ltd. and Pioneer Exploration Consultants Ltd. Mr. Burns has managed multiple grassroots exploration programs projects within Canada and internationally over the past 14 years. Prior to his current position, Michael was in charge of Geology and Exploration for Potentate Mining LLC’s sapphire and gold mining operations near Philipsburg, Montana.

Mr. Burns is currently the president of Pioneer Exploration Consultants Ltd., and led the development of their commercial, un-manned aerial vehicle magnetometer geophysical survey system. He successfully led the growth at Pioneer which serves mining clients globally with high-quality, safe and efficient drone based geophysical surveys. In addition, Michael has previously served as CEO and President, as well as a Board member on multiple public companies and brings valued capital market and management experience to the Gambier team.



Mr. Vaudrin is a Professional Geologist registered in British Columbia who has worked in the Natural Resource and Alternative Energy sectors since 2008. His experience in mineral exploration ranges from orogenic, greenstone hosted gold, VMS, and komatiite hosted Ni-Cu-PGM deposits to epithermal gold, and hydrothermal Ag-Co-Ni-Cu-Bi and Pb-Zn-Ag deposits across Canada and Europe.



Mr. Balderson is the President of Flow Capital Corp. and Harmony Corporate Services Ltd., private business consulting companies located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mr. Balderson has been an officer and director of several TSX Venture Exchange listed companies over the past 12 years. Prior to that he was an investment advisor at Union Securities and Georgia Pacific Securities Corp.